Room in MBAEA Juvenile Detention Center with circle of chairs and picnic style tables

Juvenile Detention Center

The purpose of the Juvenile Detention Education Program is to communicate with students prior educational programs and future placements to identify the educational needs of students, to model appropriate behavior, to establish mutual trust and respect, and deliver a high quality academic program utilizing the latest technology.

Phone: 563-344-6314

The Mississippi Bend AEA provides the educational program for students at the Scott County Juvenile Detention Center. The Detention Center is a sixteen-bed facility for youth under the age of 18. A juvenile may be placed in the Center if he/she has committed or is alleged to have committed a serious criminal act. In most situations, this criminal activity would be classified as a felony or an aggravated misdemeanor if committed by an adult.

Students arriving at the Scott County Juvenile Detention Center vary greatly in terms of ability, age, grade level, and school history. In order to respond effectively to these varied needs, academic instruction is individualized. Assessment tests in mathematics and reading are administered to every student upon entrance to the school program. These tests will guide the individual instruction program for each student.

Scott County Juvenile Detention Center Teachers and Consultant: Stephanie Doubet Consultant Phone: 563-344-6314 Jennifer Gosa Teacher Phone: 563-344-6314 Kelsey Grafenberg Teacher Phone: 563-344-6314