Paraeducator Certification

Thank you for your interest in our Mississippi Bend AEA Paraeducator Generalist program!! 

The series of three courses cover the competencies as directed by the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners (BoEE). These competencies cover the skills needed for a paraeducator to be successful in the classroom. It is recommended that the courses be taken in sequential order. The series is a total of 90 hours of training that is a blend of face-to-face (or virtual) course time and online work. Each of the paraeducator generalist courses requires 30 hours to complete. Participants will need to have access to a computer and the internet to be able to complete all courses. The target audience is PreK-12 paraeducators currently working in a school classroom or desiring to work in the school system.

Course 1: Paraeducator Foundations
Course 2: Paraeducator Instructional Supports
Course 3: Paraeducator Behavioral Supports

How to apply for your Paraeducator Generalist Certification.  The application process can take up to 4 – 6 weeks.

Visit BOEE License Site

Directions for the application process

  • Transcripts
    • PDF of your AEA course transcripts
    • PDF high school diploma or equivalent 
  • Fingerprint Cards  
    • Review the directions for fingerprinting from the BOEE
    • During the application process you will be asked how you want to receive the fingerprint packet; indicate you want one mailed to your home.
    • Complete at your local police station (fees range from $0 – 20)
  • Fees
    • Payable to the BOEE; paid online during the application process: Total = $118
    • Background Check – $75 (Note: This needs to be completed even if your district or organization has done this in the past.)
    • Application – $40
    • Credit Card processing fee $3 
  • License Term
    • Five years
  • Renewal Requirements

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